Kinabaluchloa wrayi

Kinabaluchloa wrayi (Stapf) K.M. Wong


Distribution Endemic to Peninsular Malaysia (Main Range, Bintang Range and Trengganu Highlands). For map click: Map308.TIF.

Uses The internodes (1.6-2 m long) are prized for crafting the inner tube of superior blowpipes among Temiar Senoi and Negrito peoples in central and northern Peninsular Malaysia.

Observations Densely tufted sympodial bamboo. Culm basally erect, upper part drooping or mostly leaning onto nearby vegetation, 12-18 m tall, diameter 1.5-2.5 cm, relatively thin-walled; internodes 1.6-2 m long; nodes prominent with a thick girdle encircled by brown hairs. Culm sheath with short brown hairs on the back; blade linear, reflexed; ligule with pale brown to golden-brown bristles to 5 m long; auricles inconspicuous. Leaf blade 15-25 cm x 1.5-3 cm, usually glabrous except for scattered hairs at base and along midrib on upper surface. Inflorescence borne on leafless branches; pseudospikelets in clusters at each node, subtended by large bracts. Caryopsis narrowly cylindrical, glabrous to slightly hairy at the apex. Only known from lower and upper montane forest.