Gigantochloa ridleyi

Gigantochloa ridleyi Holttum


Distribution Found only in cultivation in Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia and Bali (Indonesia). For map click: Map522.TIF.

Uses In Bali, culms are used for roofing. In Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia G. ridleyi is often planted as an ornamental.

Observations Erect and densely tufted bamboo. Culm up to 18 m tall, diameter 10 cm; internodes 30-47 cm long with scattered dark brown hairs below the nodes. Culm sheath green with brownish-black appressed hairs on the back; blade triangular, erect; auricles small, rigid, bearing bristles 2 mm long. Leaf blade 40 cm x 8 cm, glabrous. In Bali found in the drier parts.