Gigantochloa pruriens

Gigantochloa pruriens Widjaja


Distribution North Sumatra (Indonesia). For map click: Map384.TIF.

Uses Culms used for building material, such as pillars, walls and roofing, and also for making the Batak traditional calendar 'perhalaan'; young culms for cooking glutinous rice ('lemang'). Young shoots are used as a vegetable.

Observations Culm erect, up to 15 m tall, diameter 6-12 cm, dark to faintly bluish-green; internodes 40-60 cm long, with long scattered dark brown hairs below the nodes. Culm sheath covered with dark brown hairs; blade ovate-lanceolate, reflexed; ligule dented; auricles well developed, 15 mm long. Leaf blade hairy on the lower surface. Inflorescence borne on leafless or leafy branches, with about 5 ovate-oblong pseudospikelets at each node. Found in the lowlands up to 400 m altitude. Propagation by culm cuttings.