Bambusa burmanica

Bambusa burmanica Gamble


Distribution Native in Upper Burma (Myanmar), also found in Thailand and in Assam (India). For map click: Map511.TIF.

Uses In Thailand, culms are used in temporary constructions.

Observations Culm erect, 15-20 m tall, diameter 8-10 cm, thick-walled; internodes about 30 cm long. Culm sheath green, tinged with yellow along the margins, covered with dark brown to golden-brown hairs on the back; blade broadly triangular, erect; auricles relatively large, with long bristles. Leaf blade 25-30 cm x 3-5 cm. Inflorescence borne on leafless branches; pseudospikelets about 2 cm long, in groups of 2-5 at the nodes. B. burmanica is related to B. tulda Roxb. and B. polymorpha Munro by its large auricles of the culm sheath. In Burma (Myanmar) it is found on dry hill slopes. Potentially, it might also be of interest for other countries in South-East Asia.