Bambusa amahussana

Bambusa amahussana Lindley


Distribution Native in Ambon and Seram (Indonesia). For map click: Map296.TIF.

Uses The culm is often used as string or rope.

Observations Culm 2-3 m tall, often reclining, diameter 8 mm, thin-walled; internodes 13-18 cm long. Culm sheath pale hairy on the back; blade narrowly triangular, erect first then deflexed; ligule short; auricles small, bearing long bristles. Leaf blade 18-45 cm x 2.5-8 cm; auricles small with long bristles. Inflorescence usually terminating a leafy branch. Pseudospikelets flat, in groups of 3-6 at the nodes. Usually found on lowlands near the sea.